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8 Solid Hours Anywhere

Getting a solid night of sleep in a nice hotel room should be a no-brainer. In theory, you have all of the elements: a big comfy bed, blackout curtains and a room most likely designed with sound proofing in mind. But settling down in unfamiliar surroundings—no matter how well-appointed—is oftentimes... Read more

4 Beverages For A Better Night’s Sleep

Nothing throws you off your game more than lack of sleep. Getting to bed before midnight is hard when your brain is still buzzing. On nights when you can't wind down, your first instinct might be to reach for a glass of wine and step into a hot shower. While a... Read more

5 Apps That Make Waking Up Easier

Most people have to wake up to an alarm each morning to get to work on time, regardless of how much sleep they got (or didn't get) the night before. For those who could use a few more ZZZ's before facing the day, the sting of rising early is particularly... Read more

How To Move On From Your New Year’s Resolutions

Your list of New Year's Resolutions, written carefully on the first page of your still crisp and clean 2017 planner, stares back at you. Barre class three days a week. Pack lunch every day. In bed by 10 pm on weekdays. You were so hopeful when you wrote down your goals... Read more

Boost Your Immunity with Yoga

Researchers have discovered healthy changes within the body after a single yoga session. Yoga benefits the body more quickly and deeply than most people realize. In fact, healthy changes from yoga can occur within the body after a single session, according to a recent study. After a 90-minute yoga session, participants... Read more

No-Worry Guide to Missing Workouts

Can’t keep up your usual fitness schedule while on the road? Don’t worry. Just grab the little opportunities that come up until you can get back on track. Do the minimum. Even with a packed schedule, squeeze in some activity. One easy move: high-knee drills. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.... Read more

Prevent Weight Gain with This Sweet Treat

Arm yourself against extra pounds when you travel by munching on pears. Yep, these fresh and juicy treats contain two important types of antioxidants that are associated with less weight gain over time. Perfectly Paired Antioxidants In a study, middle-aged women who consumed the highest amounts of three different types of flavonoid antioxidants... Read more

Clean Hands Now

Everyone likes clean hands. We’re out there touching, feeling, playing and working with them all day, every day. Washing your hands can keep you and the people around you clean, happy and healthy. Clean hands while travelling are especially important - having hand soap and sanitizers readily available is a... Read more

Upgrade Your Push-Up

These variations of the old-school push-up will provide more definition and muscle tone in no time. Triceps Push-Up Place your hands close together, directly under your shoulders, and keep your elbows tucked close to your sides as you lower your body—an adjustment that shifts the work from your chest to your arms. Rotational... Read more

Crunch Time!

Bored by the same old crunch? These variations on the classic move will challenge your abdominal muscles in new ways. Seated Ab Crunch Sit on the edge of a bench or sturdy, stationary chair. Grip the edge and lean back slightly, extending your legs down and away and keep your... Read more