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News You Can Use: This Report Could Affect The Way We Eat

See what this new report has to say about coffee, eggs, meat and a plant-based diet.

How Sweet It Is: The Lowdown On Sugar Substitutes

We explore the good and the bad of today’s natural and artificial sweetener options.

4 Surprising Benefits of Ice Cream

We’ve got the scoop on four reasons this frozen concoction may be the perfect splurge.

Slim Down for Summer: Eat Chocolate!

You may be surprised to learn that when it comes to chocolate, it’s not the problem, it’s the solution.

Control Cravings, Whenever They Strike

A few tricks can help you distract yourself—or indulge more thoughtfully.

No-Worry Guide to Missing Workouts

Sometimes missing workouts is unavoidable when traveling. Here’s how to use the downtime to rest, recuperate, and even build muscle.

Drink Your Greens, Feel the Buzz

Get into the “juicy” lifestyle of good health and reap the rewards of more energy.

Prevent Weight Gain with This Sweet Treat

Arm yourself against extra pounds when you travel by munching on pears.

Why Your Belly Fat Won’t Budge

If you’re on the road and you have access to a gym, the elliptical, stairmaster and treadmill can be one of your secret weapons!

Surprising Fast-Food Pitfalls

Healthy menu options can actually make you more likely to order something unhealthy. Here’s the reason—and how to stay focused.

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