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The Sleep-Slim Connection

Lack of sleep can impact your health in surprising ways.

Avoid the Fruit Illusion

Fresh-fruit toppings can trick you into thinking any dessert is healthy, according to research.

Order Extra Veggies…on Everything

It’s all too easy to let healthy eating slide when you’re away from home, but this simple trick can help keep you on track.

Eat Like a Food Critic

For easy portion control (and more enjoyment), try these tips.

Eating – Staying “On Track” When You Travel

Like exercise, eating right has its own set of challenges for travelers but it’s far from impossible.

6 Tips to Avoid Buffet Bingeing

Though all-you-can-eat occasions can be challenging for folks looking to stay slim, they needn’t derail your healthy diet. In a recent study, researchers watched people eating at 22 different Chinese buffets. They discovered that the following six strategies seemed to help certain diners fill fewer plates—and therefore avoid overdoing it…. Read more

Cheat on Your Diet While Traveling

The occasional splurge may actually aid your weight-loss efforts. Try these strategies to help you enjoy yourself while away—without going overboard.

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