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Find Community Anywhere: These Platforms Let You Dine In Local Homes

The most interesting local meal in a destination might be in someone's home. Thanks to these local meal platforms, you don't have to know someone personally to sit down at their dinner table. Whether you're seeking Instagram-worthy dishes, tasty street food or a culturally enlightening cooking class, these platforms will connect... Read more

Dine at the Home of a Chef with EatWith

Whether it’s eating with your family, friends or perfect strangers, food has a way of bringing people together. One could argue that advances in EatWith Co-founders Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz today’s technology, have left us with more social barriers, but the company EatWith has... Read more

Millennium Park

The “Bean” garners all the headlines, but winter ice-skating and various music, art, and cultural events are held year-round in this 24.5-acre landmark of the Windy City.  Seasonal al fresco dining is also available at this "can't miss" destination, so put it on your schedule--even if only for a post-meeting... Read more