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Drew Ramsey

It’s Sugar Season—Dr. Drew Ramsey Shares How To Cope

A 4-part strategy to enjoying sweets this holiday.

Dr. Drew Ramsey On Converting Comfort Foods To Power Foods

From hearty soups to easy swaps, he shares his nutrition-boosting tips.

How Kale Became My Cause

Dr. Drew Ramsey explains the importance of kale and National Kale Day.

3 Ways You Never Expected to Eat Kale

Prepare for National Kale Day with these unique recipes.

Dr Drew Supercharge Breakfast 672x360

Supercharge Your Breakfast

Dr. Drew Ramsey shares a few ways to take the health-factor of your breakfast up a notch.

Thinking Beyond Kale: Dr. Drew Ramsey Predicts The Next ‘It’ Foods

Is the reign of kale over? Dr. Drew Ramsey talks about the future of kale and other emerging superfoods.

Keep Travel Stress in Check: Road Rules

How was your trip? Your answer to this question shouldn’t depend on the alignment of your travel-karma stars.

Top 5 Holiday Brain Food Swaps

How can you stay even during the holidays? The right food choices help you best cope with the stressors of crowded airports, large family get-togethers, and boozy holiday parties. Here are some of my top swaps to keep your Ho-Ho-Ho free of boo-hoo-hoo. Dark Chocolate We all love it. Your… Read more

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