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A Lean, Green 2017

If end-of-the-year indulgence has left you feeling less than your best, don't despair. These six oh-so-green foods are not only delicious, they have been shown to help keep you in fighting trim besides supporting overall good health. Bonus: Each one comes with a bonus! Avocados Talk about indulgence! Compared to most fruits,... Read more

Where to Eat Well in Omaha: 5 Healthy Restaurants

Given Omaha, Nebraska's location in the heart of corn country, it would be easy to assume meal options would be limited to down-home, meat-centric fare. But with a heavy college influence — there are a dozen universities within city limits — and agricultural bona fides, getting your farm-fresh veggies is... Read more

Move Over, Quinoa: 4 “Super Grains” To Try This Fall

It's no secret that quinoa has been having quite a moment. The protein-packed nutritional superstar has made its way into countless restaurant dishes, food blogs and health-minded cookbooks. Quinoa's popularity is due in large part to the energy-efficient, gluten-free favor it's managed to curry (food pun intended)... Read more

5 Ways to Add More Matcha to Your Life

It's no secret that green tea has risen to prominence in recent years, thanks in part to its antioxidants and the host of health benefits they promote. If you enjoy green tea and want to pack an even more powerful punch into your diet, matcha — the light green powder... Read more

Best Restaurants for Vegan Travelers

Staying vegan can be challenging at home, let alone when you're visiting a new city. But there are certain types of cuisines that are more likely to offer options for the vegan traveler; you can reliably find meat- and dairy-free items on the menus at most Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian... Read more

Tasty and TSA-Approved: 5 Snacks for Your Carry-On

Flying, under the best of circumstances, can disrupt regular meals and make it challenging to eat healthy. Add in delays getting off the ground and uninspiring choices in the air, and you may find yourself quickly getting tired, unproductive and cranky. To make the most of your valuable time on the... Read more

5 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road This Summer

We all know eating healthy while on-the-go can be tough — especially when you're dining out on your company's dime and the urge to go for the $67 sirloin is too good to resist. But as you stack up work trip after vacation trip this summer, neglecting a healthy diet will put a... Read more

Healthiest Stadium Food Options

As we gear up for a wild month of March Madness, many are choosing to travel and watch the action happen in person at basketball arenas across the country. If you’re readying yourself for a game night out, carb-loaded beer and calorie-filled giant hot dogs are usually on the menu. If... Read more

5 Green Superfoods For St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

In the spirit of the Irish, it’s important to not only recognize St. Patrick’s Day, but also celebrate with food, friends and fun. One of the easiest ways is with the color green—green clothes, decorations and, of course, food. Here are some good-for-you green superfoods to add to your Patty’s... Read more