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Calm-Down Salad Recipes from Cork & Kale™

These salads will give you a satisfying and relaxing end to your hectic day.

Less Sugar, Sweeter Travels

It’s easy for your sugar intake to get out of control when you’re eating on the go. Fortunately, you can stay more balanced with these tips.

A Beginner’s Guide to Juicing

Why is everyone raving about juices? We get you up to speed on the trend.

6 Tips For Navigating Gluten-Free Foods At The Airport

Gone gluten-free? Check out our six tips for cracking the gluten-free code at the airport.

Avoid Midrun Pit Stops

Whether you’re midrace or simply on a morning run, strategic fueling can prevent you from quickly having to find a restroom in an unfamiliar city.

Control Cravings, Whenever They Strike

A few tricks can help you distract yourself—or indulge more thoughtfully.

Beat the Afternoon Travel Slump

Does your brain sometimes power down around midafternoon? These two tricks can help revive you, fast.

No-Worry Guide to Missing Workouts

Sometimes missing workouts is unavoidable when traveling. Here’s how to use the downtime to rest, recuperate, and even build muscle.

Drink Your Greens, Feel the Buzz

Get into the “juicy” lifestyle of good health and reap the rewards of more energy.

Surprising Fast-Food Pitfalls

Healthy menu options can actually make you more likely to order something unhealthy. Here’s the reason—and how to stay focused.

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