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The Magic of Dark Chocolate

Like to bring home a box of fudge or chocolates for the friend who house-sits or pet-sits while you’re away? Here are a few health reasons to treat yourself as well.

Order Extra Veggies…on Everything

It’s all too easy to let healthy eating slide when you’re away from home, but this simple trick can help keep you on track.

Three Questions to Ask Before You Eat

When travel delays have postponed your eating, it’s easier than ever to make poor choices.

Eat Like a Food Critic

For easy portion control (and more enjoyment), try these tips.


Bubbles bubbles everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Eat to Ease Jet Lag

Find out how eating mini meals, snacking on tart cherries, and other dietary tricks can help minimize the negative effects of airline travel.

Dialing In Your Dinner?

These tips help you save calories and aid in weight loss.

Boost Metabolism with One Easy Move

It’s so simple you can do it as soon as you roll out of bed in the morning.

Best Bets for Fast-Food Breakfasts

Turns out there actually are fast-food ways to start the day that won’t wreck your waistline.

6 Tips to Avoid Buffet Bingeing

Travel situations can place you in front of a buffet— here’s how to navigate.

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