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How To Move On From Your New Year’s Resolutions

Your list of New Year's Resolutions, written carefully on the first page of your still crisp and clean 2017 planner, stares back at you. Barre class three days a week. Pack lunch every day. In bed by 10 pm on weekdays. You were so hopeful when you wrote down your goals... Read more

A Lean, Green 2017

If end-of-the-year indulgence has left you feeling less than your best, don't despair. These six oh-so-green foods are not only delicious, they have been shown to help keep you in fighting trim besides supporting overall good health. Bonus: Each one comes with a bonus! Avocados Talk about indulgence! Compared to most fruits,... Read more

Mastering Dry January

The idea of starting off the year by taking a break from the hard stuff has gained legions of January abstainers. A booze-free beginning of the year offers several key benefits: Cutting out a month of happy hours can do wonders for your bank account and may offer the clarity that... Read more

Where to Eat Well in Omaha: 5 Healthy Restaurants

Given Omaha, Nebraska's location in the heart of corn country, it would be easy to assume meal options would be limited to down-home, meat-centric fare. But with a heavy college influence — there are a dozen universities within city limits — and agricultural bona fides, getting your farm-fresh veggies is... Read more

Know these 6 Factors to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Since 1950, the number of lives lost due to cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the U.S. has gone down by 60 percent, with a major decline occurring over the last quarter of a century. Still, we lose over 600,000 lives per year to heart disease and another 130,000 to stroke. There... Read more

Healthiest Stadium Food Options

As we gear up for a wild month of March Madness, many are choosing to travel and watch the action happen in person at basketball arenas across the country. If you’re readying yourself for a game night out, carb-loaded beer and calorie-filled giant hot dogs are usually on the menu. If... Read more

5 Green Superfoods For St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

In the spirit of the Irish, it’s important to not only recognize St. Patrick’s Day, but also celebrate with food, friends and fun. One of the easiest ways is with the color green—green clothes, decorations and, of course, food. Here are some good-for-you green superfoods to add to your Patty’s... Read more

Classic Restaurant Dishes Get a Healthy Reboot

The Bloomin’ Onion from Outback and the infamous Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes are restaurant staples we know and love—yet we try to stay away from them when aiming for a healthy diet. Skip the night out and instead make these guilt-free versions at home. With a few healthy swaps, they will taste... Read more