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Why Pique Tea Is Your New Go-To Hydration Secret

For all its ubiquity, tea — the world’s most widely consumed beverage after water — isn’t the easiest beverage to brew on the go. But one wellness-world game changer is rethinking the drink and packing even more health benefits into each cup. One thing is certain: This isn’t your grandmother’s tea. Meet... Read more

5 Easy Ways Stay Active at Work

Last year, a new study showed that sitting all day—even if you regularly exercise—has a pretty profound, negative impact on your health. Companies are trying to combat this with solutions to keep you active throughout the day. Standing desks are becoming more prevalent and even wearables are recognizing... Read more

The Wonders of Sunless Tanning: How to Choose and Use

Trips to the beach, days by the pool and picnics in the park, summer is sure to give your skin its fair share of golden color. But with the season coming to an end and fall rearing its frigid head, it’s time to say good-bye to our sun-kissed skin. Or... Read more

Maintaining Your Wellness Routine on the Road

As a leader in the health and wellness industry, I travel frequently for work. Keeping healthy on the road is an absolute necessity in order to perform my job. Leading wellness retreats requires a lot of physical energy and it can be mentally exhausting keeping participants organized and adhering to tight... Read more

Your Pre-Travel Hydration Plan

Sip slowly throughout the day instead of gulping down a big drink before boarding a flight. By keeping your body hydrated a bit at a time, you may avoid a visit to those tiny restrooms. You also may minimize other travel discomforts, including stress, anxiety, headache, muscle cramps, and difficulty... Read more

Four Natural Energy Boosters

Travel is always an adventure, but the adrenaline rush of going someplace new will only take you so far. When fatigue starts to sneak in, turn to these easy energy sources. 1. Go bright right away. Seeing bright colors—red, yellow, orange—first thing in the day can help clear mental cobwebs. So... Read more