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Kat Carney

How This Former CNN Anchor Conquered Wellness Travel

TV host Kat Carney shares 5 tips for conquering fitness while traveling.

Bringing Food on the Road? Try One of These Travel Bags

Travel Expert Kat Carney shares her favorite picks for meal prep.

3 Must-Have Gym Bags for the Organized Athlete

Kat Carney shares her ultimate picks for traveling to and from the gym.

Must-Have Travel Essentials from the Experts

See what items they wouldn’t dare get on a plane without!

Kat Carney Shares Her Fabulous Travel Style

Learn this savvy traveler’s ideal plane outfit and carry-on essentials.

Learn How the Experts Snack on the Road

Traveling for the long weekend? See what healthy snacks our experts pack for trips.

How The Experts Do It: Staying Fit On The Go

Need a little inspiration for your next trip? Check out how The WELL stays active on the road.

Kat Carney’s 7 Ways to Maintain Wellness On the Road

Remember Kat’s guidelines the next time you’re preparing for a journey!

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