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6 Ways to Manage Stress During the Holidays

Whether you’re sticking close to home or traveling for the holidays to visit family, you may be feeling equal parts joyful — and stressed. Recognizing the potential for stress during this busy time of the year is a first step towards managing it and actually enjoying the season. Here are… Read more

5 Science-Backed Tips for Setting and Following Through on Intentions

In yoga practice, setting an intention is a call to focus on the big picture: Who do you want to be? The answer might be “joyful” or “aware of the beauty in the world.” It is not, typically, a concept you would apply to work or everyday deadlines. Still, intentionality… Read more

6 Ways to Maximize Your Commute Time

Whether traveling by cramped Manhattan subway or carpooling in California’s gridlock traffic, the 26 minutes—on average—that Americans spend getting to work doesn’t need to be time wasted. You can maximize your ride time while benefiting your health and well-being with these six ideas: 1. Go Back to School Tired of the radio… Read more

Meditation on the go

The Best Meditation Apps to Help You Stay Centered

Beginning a meditation practice is as simple as downloading an app you can use anywhere, any time.

Bhante Sujatha

Staying Mindful While on the Road: Tips From a Buddhist Monk

Keep calm and follow Bhante Sujatha’s tips for stress-free trips.

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Dr. Drew Ramsey gives you the tools to finding stress-relief with meditation.

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Travel Journal

If you let it, writing can unlock countless benefits that can improve your wellbeing.

Traveling with a Purpose: Lessons Learned in Thailand

Wellness expert Tammy Stokes shares why she went on a 14-day comprehensive detox in Kamalaya Koh Samui.

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