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Have Fun, Get Fit

Here’s how to take fun activities to new levels of calorie burning and toning the next time you travel.

Surprising Fast-Food Pitfalls

Healthy menu options can actually make you more likely to order something unhealthy. Here’s the reason—and how to stay focused.

Order Extra Veggies…on Everything

It’s all too easy to let healthy eating slide when you’re away from home, but this simple trick can help keep you on track.

Three Questions to Ask Before You Eat

When travel delays have postponed your eating, it’s easier than ever to make poor choices.

Boost Metabolism with One Easy Move

It’s so simple you can do it as soon as you roll out of bed in the morning.

Tweet Your Way Thin

Your social-media use during travel can affect your waistline.

6 Tips to Avoid Buffet Bingeing

Travel situations can place you in front of a buffet— here’s how to navigate.

Pack the Right Energy Bars

Selecting some snacks for your trip? Here are a few things to look at on the label.

6 Tips to Avoid Buffet Bingeing

Though all-you-can-eat occasions can be challenging for folks looking to stay slim, they needn’t derail your healthy diet. In a recent study, researchers watched people eating at 22 different Chinese buffets. They discovered that the following six strategies seemed to help certain diners fill fewer plates—and therefore avoid overdoing it…. Read more

Best Travel Breakfasts

Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism.

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