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Best Guilt-Free Happy Hours in Brooklyn

Within walking distance of the flagship EVEN Hotels Brooklyn, you’ll find deliciously healthy food and drink options on nearly every corner. To carry you into a twinkling city night, here are six of such favorites for happy hour: Colonie If you’re looking for an elegant option, Colonie is ideal for entertaining clients or… Read more

5 Healthy Snacks You Can Make Before You Travel

Don’t let that bag of potato chips ruin those healthy eating resolutions when you’re on the go. Here are five snacks to prepare in advance and stock in your luggage or carry-on. From toting along roasted chickpeas to a handful of granola, you can prevent healthy diet sabotages while traveling… Read more

5 Ways to Add More Matcha to Your Life

From a simple morning drink to a decadent dessert, here are five ways to incorporate matcha into your on-the-go life.

Tasty and TSA-Approved: 5 Snacks for Your Carry-On

Protein, fiber and the power of beets.

Surprising Things That Keep You Up At Night—Literally

Just because the pot is labeled decaf, doesn’t mean your coffee’s caffeine-free.

Totally Nuts: Examining Nutrition for Popular Nut Butters

What nut butter spread should you use on your toast?

No Dairy, No Problem: 5 Vegan-Friendly Treats to Crush Your Next Craving

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, snagging a healthy (and exciting) snack can be tricky. Luckily we haves some treats you’ll love.

4 Fruity Products Get a Veggie Boost

To give their products more health appeal, companies are sneaking veggies into items flavored with sweeter fruits.

Afternoon Brain Drain? Sustain Mental Performance Through Strategic Snacking

Here are our top brain foods for snacking.

5 Snacks To Stash into a Carry-On

Perfect, portable eats that are plane-ready.

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