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4 Foolproof Ways to Squeeze More Joy Out Of Every Day

From best-selling books to mobile applications to real-world seminars, creating — and savoring — the moments of joy in our lives has become a popular topic. You may already feel happy with where you are in your personal life and career, but here are four ways to squeeze even more joy... Read more

5 Ways to Balance Work/Life During the Holiday Season

Don't let the holidays make you holi-crazed. When you face work deadlines, family pressures, presents to buy and parties to plan and attend, it can feel like there's too much to do and no way to get it all done. But it's possible to have a holiday season that leaves... Read more

Health Coach or Life Coach: Which One Do You Need?

If you feel like you're close to reaching the next level in your personal life or career — but don't know how to get there — you probably could benefit from some coaching. Thanks to the web, you're no longer limited to a college professor, a former boss or even the... Read more

5 Great Reads For Your Mood On Your Next Trip

Summer travel is a time-tested tradition that often involves long security lines and even longer flight delays. Whether we're hopping state lines, skipping time zones or crossing international borders, time spent waiting at the gate and sitting on grounded planes can feel like an eternity. In times like these, solid... Read more

6 Steps For Better Sleep

One in three adults don't get enough sleep, research shows. That's a scary statistic, especially since a lack of shut eye may contribute to serious ailments, such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease. If you're getting less than seven hours of sleep per night, see how you can... Read more

The Best Meditation Apps to Help You Stay Centered

In an age of constant connectivity and digital attachment, it can be difficult to unplug, unwind and de-stress. Even when a rare moment of peace and quiet presents itself, busy professionals often find themselves distracted by thoughts of to-do lists, schedules and endless obligations. That's why mindfulness experts (not to... Read more

5 Ways to De-stress During Business Travel

Traveling, in itself, can be a very stressful experience but business trips can be even more taxing. When you are on the go for work, you feel a need to be at your best without the regular luxuries and outlets that allow us to be at the top of our... Read more

Two Easy Ways To Combat Travel Stress

It’s no secret that between booking a flight and arriving at your planned destination, your stress level tends to rise. Amid managing the time it takes to get through security, the unplanned gate change and the unexpected delay, there’s a lot that can throw your travel Zen out of whack. In... Read more

Best Workouts for Your Stress Type

You’ve probably heard countless times that exercise will slash your stress. But does the idea of lacing up your sneakers stress you out even more? Maybe that’s because you haven’t found the exercise that’s right for your stress type—the way you feel when you get stressed. We don’t all experience... Read more

Just Breathe: The Simple Secret to Easing Stress

To learn how to calm your stress system, it helps to learn how it gets activated in the first place. Here’s the typical cycle: Step 1. An event sets you off. It might be a personal comment that someone made, someone close to you getting sick, a situation that evokes strong... Read more