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Tammy Stokes

6 Full Body Exercises for Your Hotel Room

Next time you’re traveling, get a quick workout done with these moves.

Top Wellness Stories of 2015

A roundup of Wellwellwell’s most popular stories of the year.

Are You Fit Enough to be a Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Handler?

It’s more physically strenuous than you might think!

6 Must-Do Tips for Wellness-Minded Travelers

Lifestyle expert Tammy Stokes gives important advice to achieve a balanced trip.

Traveling with a Purpose: Lessons Learned in Thailand

Wellness expert Tammy Stokes shares why she went on a 14-day comprehensive detox in Kamalaya Koh Samui.

Must-Have Travel Essentials from the Experts

See what items they wouldn’t dare get on a plane without!

Get Tammy Stokes’ Healthy Lifestyle Tailored to You

The fitness expert shares the scoop on her new food and lifestyle brand.

Learn How the Experts Snack on the Road

Traveling for the long weekend? See what healthy snacks our experts pack for trips.

How The Experts Do It: Staying Fit On The Go

Need a little inspiration for your next trip? Check out how The WELL stays active on the road.

Drink Your Greens, Feel the Buzz

Get into the “juicy” lifestyle of good health and reap the rewards of more energy.

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