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Tammy Stokes

6 Full Body Exercises for Your Hotel Room

You’re a busy traveler so your schedule is a bit different than the average person. Not only do you come and go from your hotel room at unlikely times, but you don’t always have time to hit the gym hard when you’re on a work trip. We have 6 moves... Read more

Top Wellness Stories of 2015

2015 was a big year for wellness. Between all the trends and tips, Wellwellwell shared plenty of ways to keep healthy habits top of mind when on the go. What were some of our most popular stories? As you ready yourself for 2016, check out our round up below. They... Read more

Are You Fit Enough to be a Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Handler?

We all enjoy watching the spectacular Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but do you ever consider what it’s like to be a balloon handler guiding the giant Snoopy and SpongeBob balloons? These seldom-highlighted volunteers are the men and women that (literally) run the parade. Physical Requirements  In order to be a qualified balloon... Read more

6 Must-Do Tips for Wellness-Minded Travelers

Fitness and lifestyle expert, Tammy Stokes, is a pro when it comes to keeping wellness in check during travels. Whether it’s a quick trip or a relaxing vacation, she has a few goals she sets for herself to make sure she’s making the most of her time. In a recent... Read more

Traveling with a Purpose: Lessons Learned in Thailand

Fitness expert Tammy Stokes is a regular contributor to Wellwellwell, where she shares her expertise on how readers can achieve their happiest, healthiest lives. The Journey Birthdays have always been a reflective time for me, but turning 50 made me look deeper into the meaning and purpose of my life. I decided to take a trip... Read more

Must-Have Travel Essentials from the Experts

Whether it's a trusty app or an ever present water bottle, there are always those items you cannot travel without. These are the things that make the top of your list—which you hurriedly check as you jump into the car to head to the airport. We asked members of The WELL (our experts from Read more

How The Experts Do It: Staying Fit On The Go

Whether you're traveling for work or for fun, you're probably going to have to jettison your normal fitness routine—but that can be a good thing. Visiting a new city is an opportunity to shake up your workouts and maybe even try something new. Need a little inspiration for your next trip?... Read more

Drink Your Greens, Feel the Buzz

All Natural Caffeine-Free “Buzz” Green juice will reinvigorate your body but, it also has the power to lift your mood and give you a “buzz” of energy. What has people standing in line for their daily greens? Well, if you haven’t had the experience yet, its time to start exploring the... Read more