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6 Must-Do Tips for Wellness-Minded Travelers

Lifestyle expert Tammy Stokes gives important advice to achieve a balanced trip.

David Kirsch: 7 Ways to Encourage Family Fitness

Squats on the playground? Ab crunches during movie time? It can be challenging to fit in workouts when you’re playing with your kids.

Two Common Travel Mistakes

Dr. Drew Ramsey shares common travel mistakes, and what to do to avoid them.

5 Hacks For Surviving Your Commute Sweat-Free

As much as we love summer, there’s no denying the damper high temps put on your appearance. Here’s how to cope.

Breathing Tips for Every Workout Routine

Breathing seems automatic—until you start exercising.

Running for Beginners

6 Important Tips For Running Beginners

Former nationally-ranked triathlete, Jim Kaese, shares important advice for new runners.

In-Flight Skin Secrets with EO’s Susan Griffin-Black

Learn how the woman behind the beauty products brand prefers to travel.

Delicious Sunscreen

Did you know olive oil can help protect against sun damage?

Boost Your Energy Christina Pirello

Boost Your Energy with These 8 Tips From Christina Pirello

The nutrition expert gives her top tips for fighting fatigue.

Fitness Athlete

Lessons From a Former Fitness Athlete

Get tips on how she managed her strict health regimen on the road.

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