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The 6 Gear Essentials You Need for Marathon Training Season

While you don't need to throw in your beach towel quite yet, fall is right around the corner — which means marathon season has arrived. Once the temperatures reach a more comfortable zone (soon!) and you have a race on the calendar, it's time to really up your pace. Whether you are... Read more

How To Train For Your First Triathlon

If you have burned out on 5K runs, don't relish getting dirty in a mud run and aren't quite ready for a half-marathon, you might be ready to train for a sprint triathlon. Such an event — which is generally comprised of a half-mile open water swim, a 15- to 20-mile... Read more

6 Important Tips For Running Beginners

We all can run, but many folks haven't reached more than a shopping mall stride since high school. For those contemplating their first 5K or 10K race, or even those wanting to take their fitness walking to the next level, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

... Read more