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Turn Your Suitcase into a Gym

No matter where you travel, you carry along a multifunctional, fat-burning, muscle-building exercise machine: Your luggage. Load your suitcase or a travel bag to make the following moves slightly challenging. Bear-Hug Squat 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bear hug your suitcase to your chest. 2. Push your… Read more

Business Traveler Spending Trend

From conference rooms to hotel lobbies to urban eateries to busy city streets, coffee to-go cups seem to have replaced briefcases as the ultimate accessory for today’s business traveler. And the latest U.S. business traveler spending report from online expense management provider Certify reflects that coffee is king as the… Read more

North Avenue Beach

Located about a mile north of the Magnificent Mile, North Avenue Beach is the sandy hotspot during Chicago summers.  Beach volleyball rules the roost, but plenty of other fun activities abound, including: Board and skate rentals, jogging, and swimming of course.  Refreshment stands are located inside the “boat”.

Eat to Beat Traveler’s Tummy Troubles

Traveling can disrupt your body’s normal balance of bacteria. The answer: probiotics.

Smile Away Travel Stress

When you’re feeling frazzled, smile big.

Send Your Headache Packing

Travel is full of headache triggers. Here’s what to watch for and how to find relief.

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