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5 Great Reads For Your Mood On Your Next Trip

Summer travel is a time-tested tradition that often involves long security lines and even longer flight delays. Whether we’re hopping state lines, skipping time zones or crossing international borders, time spent waiting at the gate and sitting on grounded planes can feel like an eternity. In times like these, solid… Read more

Responsible Tourism: Leaving A Positive Impact When And Where You Travel

“Sustainable” and “responsible” have become buzzwords in the travel industry in recent years, but when it comes down to it, they really mean the same thing. Sustainable, responsible, travel simply means focusing on not leaving a negative impact on the places you’re visiting. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure,… Read more

5 Things to Do for First-Time Visitors to Omaha, Nebraska

While Nebraska might be best known for its cattle farms and rural environment, Omaha is a sprawling metropolis of nearly 500,000 people with plenty of big city-style attractions. Whether you’re in town for work or fun, here are five must-dos for the first-time visitor to Omaha: Shop for Deals From… Read more

The Fit Bucket List: What You Need to Know About Visiting the Great Wall

Climbing the Great Wall of China — whether you want to go solo or join a group — requires plenty of planning and patience. Here are tips to help you check off this landmark on your Fit Bucket List with a minimum of logistical difficulties: Try to Get an Upgrade… Read more

EVEN Hotels Is #14 in TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards

With wellness at its core, EVEN Hotels has been helping you maintain your routine since opening our first location in 2014. We knew you liked the in-room training zones and healthy food options — not to mention the friendly service (run recommendations, anyone?) — but we are floored to announce… Read more

Getting Over the Post-Vacation Blues

Feeling low or down after a memorable vacation or adventure isn’t uncommon. Here are tips for assimilating the highs from travel into your everyday life.

Machu Picchu EVEN Hotels

The Fit Bucket List: How to Prepare for Machu Picchu

Follow these six tips to make Peru’s most famous travel challenge even more rewarding.

healthy salad

5 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road This Summer

The need-to-know tips for keeping your gut in check and enjoying longer-lasting energy throughout your summer trip.

9 Vacation Activities that Make a Great Workout

The next time you’re on a trip, try one of these fitness-fueled activities.

7 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Cruise

Ditch the all-you-can-eat buffet mentality and try these tips for staying fit while onboard.

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