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Did You Know Planning a Trip Can Boost Your Mood?

The anticipation of a vacation has the power to boost your happiness weeks—even months—beforehand.

5 Things to Know if You’re Bringing Your Pet on Vacation

A few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to travel with your furry friends.

On Vacation with Athletic-Minded Traveler’s Jim and Erin Kaese

We caught up with the couple to learn what a typical vacation is like for their family.

6 Ways to Make Your Summer Road Trip Fun

We think summer road trips should be all fun and games.

Away-from-Home Remedies

All your must-know solutions for health problems you experience on vacation.

Dr. Darria: Avoiding the Post-Vacation SLUMP

Here’s what to do before and during your trip to avoid those post-vacay blues.

Help Kids Settle into Sleep

A few simple steps can set the stage for bedtime when traveling.

Get the Most from Your Vacation

4 ways to remove the stress of vacation planning.

Five Secrets to Flying with Kids

A little planning—and the right carry-on items—can make the time fly for your child.

The Vacation “Workout”

While you’re participating in vacation activities, you can lose fat and gain muscle without even trying.

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