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A Lean, Green 2017

If end-of-the-year indulgence has left you feeling less than your best, don't despair. These six oh-so-green foods are not only delicious, they have been shown to help keep you in fighting trim besides supporting overall good health. Bonus: Each one comes with a bonus! Avocados Talk about indulgence! Compared to most fruits,... Read more

Where to Eat Well in Omaha: 5 Healthy Restaurants

Given Omaha, Nebraska's location in the heart of corn country, it would be easy to assume meal options would be limited to down-home, meat-centric fare. But with a heavy college influence — there are a dozen universities within city limits — and agricultural bona fides, getting your farm-fresh veggies is... Read more

5 Places to Eat Healthy in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, N.Y., offers endless options for eating well, whether you're in the market for good-for-you green juice and grain bowls, a classic New York slice that just so happens to be vegan or a hands-on Ethiopian dinner. Where to start? Head to these five favorites, all an easy... Read more

Best Restaurants for Vegan Travelers

Staying vegan can be challenging at home, let alone when you're visiting a new city. But there are certain types of cuisines that are more likely to offer options for the vegan traveler; you can reliably find meat- and dairy-free items on the menus at most Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian... Read more

Stacking Up Dairy-Free Alternatives

According to the National Institute of Health, 65% of the population has some sort of lactose intolerance. This may mean something minor, such as feeling bloated after a glass of milk, or something much more serious. While dairy products carry many health benefits like calcium for bone health... Read more

Debunking 3 Common Vegan Myths

No one said being vegan is easy, but it’s not quite as hard as many non-vegan dieters make it out to be. The benefits of eating plant-based foods are aplenty—it’s good for the environment, good for animals and good for you. Isabelle Steichen, founder of the blog The Plantiful,... Read more

Summertime and the Grillin’ Is Easy

Grilling is pretty straightforward: Heat the grill, throw some kind of meat on the fire, cook to juicy perfection and eat. But it’s not so simple for the growing number of vegetarians and vegans in the world who are looking for more than grilled zucchini slices when they show up... Read more

Savor Healthy Pizza

Creating guilt-free pizza is a specialty here. Each pie, as well as pasta, salad and wrap, is made to order daily from natural, fresh ingredients. Savor Healthy Pizza also offers gluten-free and vegan options, making it a perennial crowd-pleaser. Place your order from the convenience of your hotel room and... Read more