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Heal Yourself: Holistic/Alternative Approaches to Injury

With all-natural and organic products taking over the grocery shelves and even the beauty and cleaning sections, it’s no surprise the “my-body-is-a-temple” way of thinking is bleeding into treatments for injuries from exercise. Why pop another pill if your knee is tweaking when a more natural approach is available? Here… Read more

The Best Recovery Techniques and Gear for Traveling

With ever-shrinking space for carry-on luggage, it can be hard to find enough room for athletic shoes and workout clothes, let alone additional gear. But it’s worth it to make room for certain items that can help your body recover from a tough workout. Here are six items worth squeezing… Read more

Ready to Run EVEN Hotels

How to Get Motivated for a Workout When You Just Want to Chill

When snuggling under a blanket sounds better than working out, these eight strategies will get you moving.

5 Apps to Help You Exercise Outdoors While Traveling

Don’t let an unfamiliar city throw off your workout. Find a route with these traveler-friendly apps.

5 Wild Fusion Workouts to Keep Your Exercise Routine Fresh

Say good-bye to fitness fatigue. These fusion activities create all-new ways to break a sweat.

Basic Plank EVEN Hotels

5 Plank Variations to Energize Your Workout

Bored of your basic plank? Amp up your hotel-room workout with these takes on the classic core move.

Online Personal Trainer EVEN Hotels

3 Reasons You Need an Online Personal Trainer

Does your hectic travel schedule make it hard to commit to twice-weekly, in-person workouts?

Will an Evening Workout Disrupt Sleep?

Late night workouts affect your sleep cycle: Fact or Fiction?

Avoid Midrun Pit Stops

Whether you’re midrace or simply on a morning run, strategic fueling can prevent you from quickly having to find a restroom in an unfamiliar city.

No-Worry Guide to Missing Workouts

Sometimes missing workouts is unavoidable when traveling. Here’s how to use the downtime to rest, recuperate, and even build muscle.

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