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Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk

Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk uses the methods of Art of Strength based on Oldtime strongman principles and full-body workouts.   AOS workouts are efficient, strength-building, cardio-intensive, holistic, and are for everybody.  The focus is on movements used in everyday life and athletics, and that integrate all of the muscles together… Read more

Take a Fat-Burning Walk

Walking is pretty much the perfect exercise. You can sneak in walking time in the airport, convention center, and even hotel halls—wherever you travel. But a casual stroll may not be the best workout. Turn up the burn with these tips. Speed up and slow back. After warming up for… Read more

Turn Your Suitcase into a Gym

No matter where you travel, you carry along a multifunctional, fat-burning, muscle-building exercise machine: Your luggage. Load your suitcase or a travel bag to make the following moves slightly challenging. Bear-Hug Squat 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bear hug your suitcase to your chest. 2. Push your… Read more

Chicago Lakefront Trail

One of the most beautiful runs in the U.S., but can get a little breezy.  Don’t expect any hills, however the urban scenery is beautiful. Run along the asphalt/concrete path in either direction for a total of 18 miles—north will bring you to popular beaches and play spots; south meanders… Read more

East Bank Club Chicago

The crowd at this esteemed club ranges from hard core sweat fiends clad in typical gym shirt/short combos to the BP set with freshly coiffed hair, a strong layer of cologne and in some cases, we kid you not, high-heeled gym shoes. The enormous facility stretches across two city blocks… Read more

LA Fitness – Streeterville

This health club is a wonderful venue for all things sweat and wet. While its overall size is smaller than other Chicago health clubs, the facility is more modern and swank than many of its fitness brethren. Plasma screens adorn the walls, light hardwood floors provide a stylish terra firma… Read more

Prevent Motion Sickness with This Ingredient

Enjoy the ginger that comes with your sushi, snack on crystallized ginger, or order a ginger beer or ginger ale that contains gingerroot. Ginger is a tried-and-true remedy for motion sickness. Bonus: In a recent issue of the Journal of Pain, study participants who lifted weights had 25 percent less… Read more

The World’s Best Warm-Up

It takes only 6 minutes and you’ll be raring to go.

Find Your Thrill

These five connections can help you discover races, events, and recreation—no matter where you travel.

The Ultimate 10-Minute Workout

No excuses. Even if you have a meeting within the hour, you can squeeze in a power-packed workout in 10 minutes.

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