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QUIZ: Find the Workout for You, Based on Your Travel Habits

Ever wonder what your travel behavior says about you?

Cycling: Tracing the Country’s Fitness Obsession

Cycling: Tracing the Country’s Fitness Obsession

Take a trip with us back to the 80s to see how Spinning got its start.

Go Sightseeing, Get a Better Workout

Does focusing on your surroundings make for a better run?

Workouts for stress

Best Workouts for Your Stress Type

All stress isn’t the same, so your workout approach to conquer it shouldn’t be either.

Music Remix: Why BPM Is So Important

Learn how right playlist can help you get a better workout.

Pilates Reformer

Intimidated by the Pilates Reformer? Don’t Be.

Pilates pro Jamie Ehrlich share some tips for first timers.

Peloton: More Than Just Another Spinning Trend

This isn’t just another cycling studio.

Give Your Routine a Boost

Did you know repeatedly doing the same workout causes fitness plateaus?

Foam Roller 101: It’s Not a Pool Noodle

The foam roller is your new best friend for deep tissue massages.

Faster Recovery On the Go

Six easy ways to repair your muscles post-workout.

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