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5 Exercises for Better Balance

Learn these easy, do-anywhere strength-builders to improve your sure-footedness.

How to Turn a Hotel Towel into a Barbell

Learn these 3 ways to challenge yourself— with just a towel!

It’s Time To Renew Your Workout Vows

Too long since your last gym visit? We’ve rounded up some motivational methods to get you back on track.

Shaking Up Fitness

Sick and tired of the same old workout routine? Try one of these unique exercises to get fit.

Just What Exactly Is High-Intensity Interval Training?

Lace up those shoes—it’s time to learn about high-intensity interval training.

The Truth About Antibacterial Workout Wear

You might be enticed by freshness promises, but a hidden danger could bring health risks.

The Vacation “Workout”

While you’re participating in vacation activities, you can lose fat and gain muscle without even trying.

Check This Fitness Stat

If you’re any kind of serious about exercise, the number you need to know is your heart rate. When you monitor your heart rate while exercising, it tells you how hard you’re really working. Try using three different heart-rate training zones for your cardio: low intensity (65 to 75 percent… Read more

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