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How to Take the Work Out of Working Out

Traveling may help satisfy your sense of exploration (or help you connect with an important client), but it can disrupt your workout schedule. After all, when life get super-busy, usually something’s gotta give. What happens next? You find more excuses to skip that workout. You have a cold. Your knee… Read more

How To Move On From Your New Year’s Resolutions

Your list of New Year’s Resolutions, written carefully on the first page of your still crisp and clean 2017 planner, stares back at you. Barre class three days a week. Pack lunch every day. In bed by 10 pm on weekdays. You were so hopeful when you wrote down your… Read more

Tabata Training: Is It Really Possible to Get Fit in Four Minutes a Day?

Getting fit in four minutes sounds like the stuff of late-night infomercials, but it’s the promise of Tabata, a newly popular version of high-intensity training.

5 Apps to Help You Exercise Outdoors While Traveling

Don’t let an unfamiliar city throw off your workout. Find a route with these traveler-friendly apps.

5 Wild Fusion Workouts to Keep Your Exercise Routine Fresh

Say good-bye to fitness fatigue. These fusion activities create all-new ways to break a sweat.

Basic Plank EVEN Hotels

5 Plank Variations to Energize Your Workout

Bored of your basic plank? Amp up your hotel-room workout with these takes on the classic core move.

Online Personal Trainer EVEN Hotels

3 Reasons You Need an Online Personal Trainer

Does your hectic travel schedule make it hard to commit to twice-weekly, in-person workouts?

What You Should Eat Before Morning Workouts

Morning workouts require fuel to help you perform your best.

Want a Personal Trainer? There are Apps for That

All you need to stay fitness-motivated while traveling is a good workout app.

6 Full Body Exercises for Your Hotel Room

Next time you’re traveling, get a quick workout done with these moves.

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