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Best Yoga Studios in Midtown East

Doing yoga while traveling can help body and mind process all the new experiences. Adding a session to your morning or afternoon itinerary will help you stay energetic and clear-headed while exploring bustling New York City. Here are five great yoga options, all located within a 20-minute walk of the EVEN... Read more

Enjoying the Great Outdoors in NYC | Brooklyn

New York City doesn't have to feel like a brick, glass and concrete jungle. If you look closely, you will find all kinds of green enclaves ready to infuse your life with some fresh air, chlorophyll and hydration. Here are tips on how to get outside—and get moving—in New York City... Read more

How To: Yoga Moves for Airplane Travel

Whether your flight is a short hop or a long haul, your body might have a few kinks once your plane hits the tarmac at your final destination. Courtney Love, a Boulder, Colo.-based yoga teacher, offers tips for preventative stretches for the hips, hamstrings and spine to do before, during... Read more


Acroyoga is an unorthodox form of the ancient Indian practice that's poised to take yoga studios by storm. Blending aspects of acrobatics and yoga, the practice is about building trust, and consists of an intimate, challenging workout that's sure to get your heart racing. "Acroyoga is a combination of yoga, acrobatics,... Read more

5 Wild Fusion Workouts to Keep Your Exercise Routine Fresh

Even for the most dedicated and disciplined, a regular workout routine can get stale over time, regardless of how often you switch things up and try different forms of exercise. Some inventive trainers and instructors have found an antidote to this fitness fatigue: fuse elements of various activities together to... Read more

The Best Yoga Mats for Travel

No matter where your travels take you, your daily yoga practice should be just that — daily. For the most dedicated yogis, even one day off the mat can affect them physically and mentally. But fear not, dear yogis, because more and more companies are making yoga mats that are perfect... Read more

This New Workout Combines the Best of HIIT and Yoga

New York City is a mecca for fitness, where you can find a boutique spin class on every corner and yoga studio next to it. But what if you’re looking for something new? There’s no shortage of unique workouts, but if you want something that really gets your heart rate... Read more

Wellness Festivals: The New Weekend Event

Music festivals have soared in popularity in recent years—they aren’t just for rock groupies or celebrities anymore. While the artists on stage may be the intended draw, it’s the hanging with friends and all day drinking that often attract the attendees. Unfortunately, the only thing these events will leave you... Read more

Finding the Perfect Holiday Food and Exercise Balance

The holidays provide the perfect excuse to indulge in comfort food. You’ve spent hours in the kitchen, you’re surrounded by friends and family and relaxing in front of the fire is all you want to do. Sure, the calories of that holiday ham add up, but how much exactly? That... Read more