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5 Reasons Why Men Should Be Doing Yoga and How to Get Started

Men tend to make a lot of excuses for not doing yoga. Robert Sidoti, creator and co-founder of Broga, which aims to introduce more men to yoga, has heard them all. Men think they’ll be awful at yoga. They don’t have enough flexibility. They’re intimidated by others who are more practiced…. Read more

Best Yoga Studios in Midtown East

Doing yoga while traveling can help body and mind process all the new experiences. Adding a session to your morning or afternoon itinerary will help you stay energetic and clear-headed while exploring bustling New York City. Here are five great yoga options, all located within a 20-minute walk of the EVEN… Read more

Enjoying the Great Outdoors in NYC | Brooklyn

New York City doesn’t have to feel like a brick, glass and concrete jungle. If you look closely, you will find all kinds of green enclaves ready to infuse your life with some fresh air, chlorophyll and hydration. Here are tips on how to get outside—and get moving—in New York… Read more

How To: Yoga Moves for Airplane Travel

Use these preventative yoga stretches before, during and after a flight to feel comfortable and relaxed during your travels.


Acroyoga, a playful, unorthodox blend of acrobatics and yoga, is poised to take the fitness world by storm, one yoga studio at a time.

5 Wild Fusion Workouts to Keep Your Exercise Routine Fresh

Say good-bye to fitness fatigue. These fusion activities create all-new ways to break a sweat.

Yoga mat on the beach

The Best Yoga Mats for Travel

These seven ultra-light, packable yoga mats ensure your jet-setting ways don’t get in the way of your zen time.

This New Workout Combines the Best of HIIT and Yoga

What happens when a fitness trainer and yogi join forces to develop a workout?

Wellness Festivals: The New Weekend Event

Want to plan a trip that benefits the body and the mind?

Finding the Perfect Holiday Food and Exercise Balance

Here’s how long you have to exercise to burn off some of your holiday favorites.

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