Walking is pretty much the perfect exercise. You can sneak in walking time in the airport, convention center, and even hotel halls—wherever you travel. But a casual stroll may not be the best workout. Turn up the burn with these tips.

Speed up and slow back. After warming up for 5 minutes, walk as fast as you can for 10 minutes. Then turn around and walk back at a brisk pace, slowing your speed to cool down as you get closer to your starting point.

Buddy up. Walking with a partner may drive you to pick up the pace or walk farther in the spirit of a little friendly competition.

Activate abs. Focus on drawing your abs in toward your spine. Try to maintain the contraction throughout your walk, but don’t hold your breath. For even more ab action, imagine that your legs extend up above your navel. As one leg swings forward and back, that hip should follow. This slight hip swivel causes your lower torso to rotate, activating more ab muscles to tone your midsection faster.

Add bursts. Crank up your walk’s intensity with metabolism-revving bursts of high-impact activities. You’ll burn nearly 70 percent more calories than you would if you walked at a steady pace.

Try something like this: