What we eat and drink has a big impact on the way we feel, but consistently keeping a healthy diet can seem near impossible. Fitness expert, founder of West Coast Workouts and Wellwellwell contributor Tammy Stokes hopes to make eating mindfully a whole lot easier. Using her deep understanding of the influence food can have on the mind and body, Tammy teamed up with Elephant Grocers to create the Tammy Stokes Lifestyle brand. From their Green Miracle Soup to the Power Pumpkin Pecan Muffins, TSL is making it easy to incorporate good nutrition into a daily routine.

We sat down with Tammy to learn a few of her tricks and also get the inside scoop on TSL.

Why did you decide to start your own line of products?

I always envTSL Logoisioned opening a café next to my West Coast Workouts studios. For the past seven to ten years of my life, I’ve been committed to making sure I didn’t let my own health go unattended while working, and this led me to start cooking again. I focused on mixing ingredients that were healthy and would provide the most benefit. Everything was very low-calorie and nutrient-dense. I started sharing the foods with family and friends, and people continued to want it. So, I thought about how I could expand this into something more.

Originally, I thought of developing a juice line, but I don’t believe in just juicing. They are great for diets and to get nutrition fast and effectively, however there are other things that the body needs. I realized there was a need for soups and foods that provided nourishment and medicinal elements.

How big of a hand did you have in the process?

Every single recipe is one that I mastered and crafted in my own kitchen.

What do you normally eat or drink to prepare for a workout?

I like to pre-hydrate, but I don’t normally eat anything before working out. It can be difficult on your body to digest food while you’re exerting yourself. I know this routine doesn’t work for everyone, but I’d recommend working out before lunch or before dinner.

What would you say is the key then, to prepping for a workout?

The most important thing is to be well hydrated. We have three products in the Tammy Stokes Lifestyle line that can really help.

There’s Oxygen H2O, in which chlorophyll is added to the water. Chlorophyll is an oxygen transporter. The drink has a lime flavor that’s fresh, light and energizing.

We also have our Work Out H2O, which helps the body prepare for a more physical workout. The drink has natural electrolyte replacement. We think of it as a natural form of the popular sports drinks people often turn to. The drink has a bit of maple syrup toTSL Juices provide energy and trace minerals.

Our most popular drink is the Skinny H2O. It’s delicious and tastes like lemonade—people love it. There’s nothing artificial in it, and we use stevia to balance the potency of the lemons. The drink is very light tasting, and while it’s great to have throughout the day, people really seem to like it when working out.

And what do you eat after a workout?

I like to enjoy a smoothie post-workout. Now that the weather is cooler, my go-to meal is soup. I’ll throw in some hemp seeds to boost the nutrition. I want get as much nourishment as possible during the day, so smoothies, juices and soups are perfect when it comes to fast and easy meals.

How do you relax and wind down after a hectic day?

I like to drink calming teas that contain magnesium citrate. Magnesium is a natural stress reliever and muscle relaxer. Also, I think the act of sipping on warm tea is in itself relaxing.

What’s next for you and Tammy Stokes Lifestyle?

Well we are currently based out of Atlanta, but we plan to go national this year. It’s a really exciting time for us to grow and expand.