Fitness expert Tammy Stokes is a regular contributor to Wellwellwell, where she shares her expertise on how readers can achieve their happiest, healthiest lives.

The Journey

Birthdays have always been a reflective time for me, but turning 50 made me look deeper into the meaning and purpose of my life. I decided to take a trip to Kamalaya, in Koh Samui, Thailand. The goal was to purify my body, clear my mind and enliven my spirit. The palpable spiritual energy at Kamalaya was the draw—enough so that I flew half way around the world, solo, to feel it and let it enlighten me.Thailand Statue

Two weeks in Thailand reinforced everything I needed to know about life, going forward. This magical, holistic haven was undeniably worth the trip. The caring hearts of the Kamalaya team work like gardeners for your soul: completely embracing you with a loving touch, watering your roots so you can grow and, as their motto reads, “feel life’s potential.” On my return, all I can say is—50 feels good.

Traveling with a Purpose

I admit it, I am a self-help junkie. I love to learn. I choose books for education and I selectively choose my travel destinations for underlying purposes. Kamalaya offers many programs: Asian Bliss to combat stress and burnout, Optimal Fitness to get in shape, Sleep Enhancement for insomnia and many more. I live a very healthy lifestyle. Many know me as the Author of “Live Your Healthiest Life” and the creator of West Coast Workout, Lifestyle Fitness Studios. Professionally, I am a Wellness and Lifestyle Expert. This leads to the obvious question, why would a person like me travel to Thailand and go on a 14-day comprehensive detox when I already live clean? The answer is simple—to learn. This was an opportunity to get to know myself better.

Thailand Retreat

The Daily Schedule

My schedule was intense. I began my mornings before sunrise with a self-driven daily prayer and morning blessing. I spent time journaling before heading off to the guided meditation led by one of Kamalaya’s gurus. Meditation was followed by yoga in the outdoor pavilion, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

Breakfast included wheatgrass and Gotu Kola shots—a deep green tonic known to enhance brain function.

Following breakfast, I attended workshops on self-improvement topics like Creating Positive Habits, Mastering Lifelong Relationships and Living Consciously. Each afternoon, fresh coconut water served as a pick-me-up, aiding me from the jungle’s hot and humid climate.

Then, it was off to the Wellness Sanctuary for therapeutic detox treatments. These consisted of Far Infrared Sauna or Steam Cavern time for intense sweating and Chi Nei Tsang, a daily massage focused on the abdomen to stimulate the detoxification process.

Before dinner, I attended the evening meditations where many times I would find myself drifting off to a “la la land”of blissfulness. I’m not sure that was the intended goal, but it worked for me.

After dinner, I socialized with my new international friends and sipped tea. By nightfall, a good night’s sleep was never an issue.

Thailand at Night

Lessons Learned

My trip to Thailand will never be over. It’s forever embedded in my new way of thinking, a more relaxed way of living and deeper fulfillment in the simplest pleasures. Thailand’s teachers helped me to clearly see my future, by simply removing the clutter of my past. Now, I am more inwardly focused on the most meaningful things in my life: my relationships. And I mean all my relationships—my husband, children, family, friends, community, business, God and the universe. My awakening was as beautiful as the Thailand scenery and I can’t wait to carry it with me.

Tammy Beach