If you’re a runner away from home and need a break after a day full of meetings, reports, and conference calls, a run around the city might just be the ticket. We don’t blame you for wanting to use the in-room work out facilities in your EVEN Hotels guest room or if you want to sweat the stress out in our state of the art gym.

But if you want to add scenery, camaraderie — or both — to your cardio, nothing will do but an outdoor run. Here are a few do’s (and one don’t!) to get you out and get you going.

Follow Your Map

Not everyone loves mapping out their runs. Most of us just want to know where we’re going and go! If you’re that type of runner, grab a wallet sized running map from the front desk when you check in at any EVEN Hotels. It’ll reflect the local neighborhood, and map different distance runs. So, whether your morning routine allows for a short mile sprint, or your evening run requires a few extra strides, you know where you’re going and how to get there.

Book a Run

Sign up for an organized running tour that enables you to make new friends, get exercise and learn about the locale all at once. If you’re staying at an EVEN Hotels Times Square South, you might be surprised to find that some of our staff will lead group runs with the hotel guests upon request.

However, if it doesn’t work for your schedule, you can always find a running tour. These are available in many cities in the U.S. and abroad. One of the oldest operators, City Running Tours, promises “fascinating facts, interesting stories and incredible landmarks” on regularly scheduled three-plus mile themed guided tours. Available in multiple cities, it might be the easiest way to get a up close and personal glimpse of the neighborhood, make a few friends, and burn some calories.

Follow the Water

Use a map or app to find a body of water nearby, be it ocean, river or lake. Chances are good there will be a suitable running path beside it, one that’s reasonably flat and features inspiring views. This strategy, which requires minimal advance planning, is a sure way to shake of the stress brought on by travel. Take a moment on your run to reset your mind and recharge your body.

Crowd Source Your Route

Follow a running app, such as MapMyRun, which crowd-sources routes from its users all over the world. You can either figure out where you’re going, or if you’re feeling a bit free-spirited, you can see where you’ve been post-run. Challenge yourself and others with this

Don’t Forget Your (Temporary) Address

Don’t leave your hotel without making note of its address. Put it in your phone or slip a note in your pocket just in case you run further than intended.