Vacations can be full of temptations—from exotic, high-calorie desserts to just lying on the beach or by the pool all day. But you can combine vacation activities with your fitness routine to continue to lose fat and gain muscle. What’s even better: You’ll be too busy having fun to notice you’re actually working out.

Playing in the water with a ball or Frisbee

Muscles worked: All major muscle groups, shoulders and abs in particular

Calories burned: One hour of splashing, about 570 calories

Souvenir shopping

Muscles worked: Legs and arms from carrying bags. To pump up the workout, take the hilliest routes.

Calories burned: One hour of browsing, 200 to 300 calories

Walking the beach

Muscles worked: All muscles of legs and torso. Walking in soft sand burns more calories and works leg muscles harder.

Calories burned: One hour of beachcombing, 300 to 400 calories

Horseback riding

Muscles worked: Thighs, especially the inner thighs, stomach, back, and shoulders

Calories burned: One hour ride, about 300 to 500 calories


Muscles worked: All major muscle groups. And it’s a low-impact way to get a really good workout.

Calories burned: About 600 calories in an hour


Muscles worked: All muscle groups. At a club, dance more than you drink; otherwise, your workout will be a wash.

Calories burned: 300 to 600 calories per hour, depending on the music

Inline skating

Muscles worked: Legs, trunk, shoulders, and glutes. Also helps with coordination, agility, and balance.

Calories burned: About 550 calories per hour