2015 was a big year for wellness. Between all the trends and tips, Wellwellwell shared plenty of ways to keep healthy habits top of mind when on the go. What were some of our most popular stories? As you ready yourself for 2016, check out our round up below. They contain plenty of things to bring with you into the new year.

1. Tired of Being Tired?

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So many of us feel bone-tired, all the time. Chef and nutrition expert Christina Pirello shares ways for us to find that extra energy—all starting in the kitchen. Read the story.

2. Six Must-See Netflix Movies That Will Impact Your Eating


Netflix has an impressive movie library that boasts a wide array of titles related to food and nutrition. Learn more by watching these flicks that shed truths on food production, take a close look at diets and define what it means to eat healthy. Read the story.

3. The Best Sneakers for Packing

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Sneakers can be clunky, hard to smoosh and add unwanted pounds to your carry-on, right? Not anymore. Athletic-wear brands are stepping up their footwear game, designing lightweight and fashionable options ideal for traveling. Read the story.

4. Simple Strategies and Exercises to Stay Fit While Traveling

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Staying fit while traveling should not be complicated. The best strategy is to keep things simple. All you need to accomplish this is a healthy attitude, good athletic shoes and these tips.Read the story.

5. In-Room Travel Breakfasts—No Room Service Necessary

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You’ve heard it from Grandma, Mom, Dad, your B.F.F. and favorite Aunt Ida: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when traveling—especially if it’s a meeting-packed business trip—it can seem like there’s not quite enough time to tuck in something nutritious and delicious. We share three unconventional hot breakfasts you can make in the comfort of your own hotel room. Read the story.

6. Reasons Why Morning Workouts Beat Evening Workouts

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Some of us don’t feel as though our day is complete without getting in our daily workout. So why not get it over with before your workday actually begins? There are some great reasons why you should sacrifice just a little bit of sleep to get moving before dawn. Read the story.

7. Two Common Travel Mistakes

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Frequent traveler and wellness expert, Dr. Drew Ramsey, shares two common mistakes people make when traveling. Learn more about these problems and how you can curb them with healthier options. Read the story.

8. Rise and Shine: Quick Wakeup Workout (No Gym Required)

Tammy Stokes Header

Fitness expert, Tammy Stokes, shares an exclusive routine guaranteed to get your heart rate going. The best part? You don’t need a gym, and the workout only takes 10 minutes. Whether you’re at home or in a hotel, time is no longer an excuse. Read the story.

9. Debunking 3 Common Vegan Myths

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No one said being vegan is easy, but it’s not quite as hard as many non-vegan dieters make it out to be. The benefits of eating plant-based foods are aplenty—it’s good for the environment, good for animals and good for you. Certified health coach and bloggerIsabelle Steichen gives us the scoop on all things vegan. Read the story.

10. If the Shoe Fits: Finding the Perfect Sneaker

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In the world of fitness, we all want to be on top of our shoe game. Sneakers are, after all, the foundation for our entire workout—not to mention our wardrobe. We researched what makes a fitness shoe…well great, and shared a few questions to ask before making that commitment to a pair of sneaks. Read the story.