Whether it’s a trusty app or an ever present water bottle, there are always those items you cannot travel without. These are the things that make the top of your list—which you hurriedly check as you jump into the car to head to the airport. We asked members of The WELL (our experts from EVEN Hotels’ Advisory Board) about their must-have travel items. These necessities are what keep them sane and often healthy during their trips. From stress-relieving reading materials to the perfect hydration mix, take a look at these items and see if it’s time to add some new ones to your list.


Dr. Darria The Well


“My smartphone apps keep me going—even when I’m off my normal scheduled routine. I have apps to track my water intake (which is easy to forget when you’re running through the airport and dumping your H20 at security), track my exercise and my trusty playlist for whenever I get a few minutes to exercise. It also has all of my pictures, whenever I need a little family fix!”


Dr. Drew The Well


“I bring my mantra and aims of mindfulness on every trip! Clearing my mind, focusing on the positive and being thankful to be on a trip all help me when stressful complications emerge. I also bring a copy of the latest New Yorker. The writing is so sharp and brilliant, and it makes me laugh out loud pretty frequently. Plus I like having something to read that isn’t on a screen.”


Christina Pirello The Well


“My husband. But if you mean other than him, I would say my Vitamin B-12 shots. I have found that after particularly long flights, B-12 can relieve jet lag, fatigue and the blah’s you get when traveling. It boosts immune function, so I feel stronger and more energized from the moment of arrival.”


Kat Carney The Well


“My laptop. Even with smaller mobile devices, I still find that I have to have my laptop so I can get work done in the airport, on the plane or in the hotel room. I also like to pack snacks. You never know when you’re going to be stuck waiting on a plane and your only other option is airport fare.”


Tammy Stokes The Well



Water. I cannot live without it. I also bring Healthforce Nutritionals Vitamineral Greens. If I cannot find someone to make me a fresh vegetable juice, I throw it in my water for an instant healthy drink that floods my body with nutrition.”


Joy Bauer The Well



“I never leave home without my laptop. With multiple job affiliations, I’m on work detail 24/7 and need my computer to stay organized and connected. I’m responsible for crafting television segments, writing health columns, researching the latest nutrition news and responding to a constant stream of daily emails (literally thousands).”