When it comes to traveling and staying healthy on the road, meal choices can oftentimes trip up even the most health savvy of us. The solution? Prep your meals ahead of time, and bring them with you! Fortunately, some cool new luggage options make that easy to do. Say goodbye to unorganized chaos and check out these bag favorites from Kat Carney.

Elite Bag1.  Six Pack Bags: Elite Victoria Tote

The Elite Victoria Tote is the elegant and functional carry-on option which not only allows you to bring your on-board essentials like a laptop and reading materials, but the lower compartment houses 4 meal containers—perfect for 2 lunches and 2 dinners! While you’re in the air, TSA-approved gel packs keep your meals chilled. I like to call my hotel ahead of time to request an in-room fridge, so that when I arrive, I can simply pop the containers in, and my healthy, portion-controlled meals are ready when I am.

2. Isolator Fitness: IsoDuffel Isolator Bag

Are you ever traveling for more than a couple of days and worried about staying on track with your diet and exercise routine during the trip? IsoDuffel to the rescue! It holds up to 8 meal containers in sizes ranging from 12 oz to 38 oz, along with 2 ‘Isobricks’ to make sure your meals stay fresh and cool, until you reach your destination. It also features an expandable side pocket, which can hold several changes of workout clothes—enough to make sure you’re able to eat well and stay fit on your trip.

3. FitMark Bags: The Shield LG shield_LG_stuffed-580x580

Heading out of town for nearly a week, and don’t want to pack individual meals?  FitMark’s The Shield is the answer. It contains 5 large containers that I like to fill with multiple portions of veggies, protein and complex carbs. The TSA-approved ice packs keep everything cool on the road for up to 8 hours, and the bag even comes with a vitamin container and protein powder dispenser. The Shield also has a convenient luggage strap on the back so it can sit securely and comfortably on your roller bag.


Next time you’re worried about keeping meals on track during that business trip, try one of these bags and plan ahead!


Top Photo Credit: Six Pack Fitness