When you’re at the airport and the hunger pangs start kicking in, the surrounding options can seem bleak—especially if you’re looking for a healthy snack. The WELL experts (from EVEN Hotels’ Advisory Board) are frequent travelers who understand this scenario all too well. In an effort to eat balanced foods, they often bring their own. Check out what they are stowing in their bags—and remember them as your prepare for your holiday travels.

Joy Bauer The Well

“Now that I’ve started my own snack line, Nourish Snacks, I’m always armed with an assortment of my little white bags. Whether I’m craving something salty, sweet, savory or spicy, there’s a tasty, portion-controlled pack waiting for me to dig in to. These days some of my very favorites include Cashew Colada, Almonds to Cherries, Holy Habanero, Monkey Love, Berry’d Treasure and Ménage-à-Mix. But really, I love them all!”

Dr. Darria The Well




“Apples and dried fruit are my snacks of choice. If I want a little indulgence, I add beef jerky to the mix!”



Dr. Drew The Well


“Homemade Kale Chips! I’m on a mission to help people eat healthier and nothing gets people converted to kale like these chips. They are a great conversation starter and super easy to make. My back-up is a bag of unroasted, unsalted almonds and cashews, which have saved me from airport food dozens of times.”


Tammy Stokes The Well



“I love Go Raw’s Spirulina Chips and just about anything Hail Merry makes. They have the best chocolate macaroons.”



Christina Pirello The Well
“I often bake cookies before travel. I know—cookies! But this way, I’m able to satisfy my sweet tooth (which seems to be on steroids when I travel), and I know I’m indulging in sweets made from whole grain flour, good quality fats and no simple sugars. If I need to buy something, I lean toward fresh fruit or a Kind Bar.”


Kat Carney The Well



“I like to bring 80-calorie fuji apples (the small ones in the bags). I also carry individually wrapped string cheese—sharp cheddar cheese is my favorite.”