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Basing its science-backed games on the concept of neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to change its thought patterns over time — Happify offers a range of activities to boost your happiness quotient. A series of simple daily exercises aims to train your brain to conquer negative thoughts, reduce relationship friction, elevate optimism, change stress patterns and be more fearless.


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The idea behind HappiJar couldn’t be simpler: It essentially acts as a grab bag of happiness triggers that you can access anytime, anywhere, whenever you need a boost. With bright, artful, jewel-toned graphics, the app encourages you to record music, images and text , all of which are stored for later use. Then, whenever you’re feeling down or need a pick-me-up, you can shake the jar (by shaking your phone) and prompt one of the buttons to present itself for a quick hit of happy.


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In an age of social media over-sharing, an app featuring anti-social media technology feels almost revolutionary. That’s one of the perks of Azasu, a daily micro-gratitude journal app that collects your private thoughts for comprehensive access by one person and one person only: you. Once you download the app, you enter one personal sentence each day, making a note about your favorite thing that happened over the past 24 hours. A beautiful, soothing interface presents your entries back to you in a scrolling memory archive afterward, which should come in handy the next time you’re feeling blue.


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To explain the notion that drives Happier, its developers cite more than 11,000 studies showing the correlation between daily gratitude habits and a host of benefits, from better sleep and greater optimism to heightened creativity and productivity. The app features a gratitude journal with serotonin-boosting visual prompts, as well as interactive courses, and a digital community dedicated to positive feedback and affirmation. Users can choose the activities that appeal to them the most, customizing the experience to meet their needs.

1 Second Everyday

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Describing itself as “an app that stitches the moments of your life into a single continuous chronological movie,” 1 Second Everyday has even found itself featured in Jon Favreau’s 2014 major motion picture Chef, making it a sort of movie inside of a movie. As illustrated by the characters in film, the app prompts you to record a one-second snippet of your life each day. It then threads the collection together into a mini-film highlighting the memories you’ve made over a period of time.