Last year Isabelle Steichen, founder of the blog The Plantiful, helped us debunk three common myths about vegan eating. Now that we know how easy it is to keep a plant-based diet, we wanted to see what tips there are for keeping vegan when traveling. Lucky for us, Isabelle shared some insights on being vegan on the road. Here’s what she has to say:

I recently took a 10 hour car trip up to Canada. We spent the weekend up at Hurd’s Lake with some close friends and it was truly amazing, as you can imagine. It was really great to have a mental break from New York City – as much as I love New York, I adore these kinds of nature trips.

Now you might ask, how does a vegan prepare for a 10 hour road trip? We all know that gas stations don’t have the most nutritious food options – quite frankly, I never buy anything there as their goods are so far away from real foods.

Preparation is Important

The key is to be prepared: pack some healthy snacks that are easy to consume during the car ride. I usually grab a bag of raw nuts such as cashews or almonds as well as plenty of fruit. Apples are great for car rides, so are bananas, peaches and figs in summer. Careful though, as all these ripen pretty quickly in the car.

Travel Snacks 2

I also love home made fruit and nut bars as well as granola. [Check out this post on easy homemade granola!] If you don’t have time to prepare them, get some healthy versions from the grocery store. To be quite honest, the only brand I buy is Larabar. Their health bars are the best as they contain ONLY nuts and fruit. No added sugars or oils. Perfect! My favorites are the apple pie, the blueberry pie and the chocolate coconut chew.

Local Markets Provide Great Options

If you travel in summer or fall, a great thing to do is to stop at local farmers’ markets on the roadside. You can stock up on fresh fruit and veggies to snack on. I love carrots and peppers and usually get a salsa or hummus to go with them. Most importantly when you sit all day, get enough fiber so everything keeps moving in the right way.

Other snacks I love are kale chips. Again, they can easily be made by you but there are also a number of good brands out there. I love Alive and Radiant foods – they make a lot of yummy flavors. Be careful and avoid chips too high in fat and with too much added sugars.

Eat Small Meals and Stay Hydrated

Rather than eating big meals, I tend to go with smaller meals, spread out during the day. When I sit in a car all day I just don’t need huge amounts of food. I want light snacks that keep my energy levels going.

It’s important to stay hydrated so bring plenty of water and green tea for your ride. I also recommend taking regular car breaks to stretch out your arms and legs.

Now what are your tips for the road when it comes to eating healthy?

Travel Snacks


If you want to learn more about vegan eating (or if you just want some delicious new recipes) check out Isabelle’s site BuddhaliciousBuddhalicious helps you reach your health goals in an easy and delicious way. Their vegan meal plan program provides you with simple and yummy vegan recipes for the week, as well as prep tips, shopping lists, videos and health tips. All their recipes are in the format of Buddha Bowls – one bowl meals that combine grains, legumes, greens, starches and healthy fats in a balanced and nutritious way.