Given Omaha, Nebraska’s location in the heart of corn country, it would be easy to assume meal options would be limited to down-home, meat-centric fare. But with a heavy college influence — there are a dozen universities within city limits — and agricultural bona fides, getting your farm-fresh veggies is easier than you might think. Here are five restaurants serving a range of healthy — and tasty — eats near EVEN Hotel Omaha Downtown:

Kitchen Table, 1415 Farnam St

Kitchen Table has solved the age-old dilemma of sweet or savory brunch with an ingenious 1-2-3 menu that allows you to design your own three-course brunch with a choice of starters, a sweet mid-course and a main. The menu includes everything from grilled slices of levain bread with house-made preserves to nut butter and brown sugar-topped brown rice porridge and a bean patty breakfast sandwich with braised greens.

Lalibela, 4422 Cass St

Traditionally tackled with no utensils, eating Ethiopian cuisine is a truly sensory experience and Lalibela does it right. Regulars know ordering the veggie platter is the best way to get a taste of this richly spiced fare. It’s an impressive lineup of seven meatless dishes, such as a richly spiced lentil stew, braised cabbage and slow-cooked greens served on a bed of pleasantly tangy injera bread ready to scoop up all of that veggie goodness.

El Basha, 7503 Pacific St

With a heavy focus on fresh vegetables, vibrant flavors and good-for-you grains, Lebanese fare is always a solid bet. El Basha is a longtime favorite for lunches and dinners that are fulfilling and remarkably affordable — stick with the veg options and nothing tips the $10 mark. Hit the mazza menu for a selection of shareable Middle Eastern apps like garlicky moussaka and za’atar-topped pita bread that can easily make a meal.

Fauxmaha, Various locations

Nebraskans are crazy about the bright red Fairbury hot dog and Mick Ridgeway is capitalizing on that wiener love at Fauxmaha, a DIY cart selling handmade vegan dogs. Made from a mix of seitan and tofu, these dogs can be served up naked with just a squirt of mustard, loaded up with a rainbow slaw and drizzle of smoky barbecue sauce, or dressed up with bright banh mi toppers like pickled daikon, fiery jalapenos and fresh cilantro. This mobile operation is always on the move, the best way to track ’em down is via Twitter.

Modern Love, 1319 South 50th St

If you’ve ever attempted to master the art of vegan cooking at home the name Isa Chandra Moskowitz will certainly sound familiar. She’s the author of nine vegan cookbooks and the proprietor of Modern Love, a meat- and dairy-free comfort food spot with a die-hard fan base. The creative menu lines up farmers’ market shepherds pie, creamy mushroom walnut pate, and cashew mac and cheese. Desserts here are serious business with dairy-free takes on coconut lime cream pie, lemon lavender cheesecake, and sundaes topped with coconut whip. This place gets packed with meatless locals and visitors alike, so be sure to book ahead.