Powering up for an early morning workout is all about keeping it light. A coffee and a smoothie might give you the juice to power through your routine, but once you hit the showers, a real deal breakfast is a must. Immediately after exercising, your body is in prime form for taking in both carbs and protein—both essential elements for getting the day started on the right foot. When you’re on the road, you especially want to find the ideal combo of refueling carbs and proteins for a balanced breakfast.

Here’s a look at some of the greatest grain bowls, tastiest toasts and healthful hashes that will keep you going strong until lunchtime.

Protein Up

Protein Bar is a mini-chain of sunny, fast casual spots with two locations in Washington, D.C. Quick counter service offers sweet and savory options for health-forward day starters. Protein packed eggs (or egg whites, if you’d like) are scrambled with add-ons like spinach and pesto or a Mexican-inspired combo of black beans, cheddar, avocado and salsa roja. Oatmeal enthusiasts can dig into bowls of peanut butter and acai puree and antioxidant-packed matcha green tea powder.

The Power of Green

Times Square might not be the epicenter of wellness (well, with the exception of EVEN Hotels Times Square South) but Green Symphony, a combination health food store and restaurant, is a low key favorite for whole foods. Here you can find organic sprouted bagels layered with avocado and roasted tomatoes and onions, Asian breakfast wraps that spike seaweed and eggs with sesame and ginger, along with hemp oatmeal loaded up with almond butter, pear, kale, spinach and flax seeds.

SoCal Style in NYC

White washed walls and handcrafted wood furniture outfit this little slice of Southern California in Manhattan. At breakfast time, Dimes spreads wholegrain toast with unlikely pairings like goat cheese and persimmon compote, and tops spicy porridge with turmeric, dates and buckwheat granola. Citrus is a major player on the morning drinks list with cleansing combos of lemon and cayenne, and lime and basil.

Japanese — It’s What’s for Breakfast

French toast and eggs Benedict are nowhere to be found at Okonomi. Instead, this minimalistic Brooklyn (not far from EVEN Hotels Brooklyn) restaurant specializes in Japanese breakfast, a rotating menu of rice, fish, soup and eggs. On any given day, you can find handmade ceramic plates with delicate portions of tuna belly, tender omelets, pickled vegetables and eggs gently poached in a soy broth.

Local Flavors

Highlighting local purveyors keeps Norwalk’s Sugar and Olives‘ morning menu both fun and fresh. Instead of a weighty plate of sausages, beans and potatoes, a full English here is a playful preparation of shirred duck eggs matched with a root vegetable and pork belly hash.

Healthy in Omaha

Heartland breakfasts tend to focus on heft rather than health, but if you happen to find yourself at EVEN Hotels Omaha Downtown, Dugger’s Cafe is the place for invigorating morning eats. This breakfast go-to brings veggies to the table with egg casseroles loaded with squash, artichoke and spinach. Those with gluten issues set will find a custom menu featuring gluten-free French toast and pancakes.